seamTEX GmbH, founded in Steyr, Upper Austria, in 2012, employs only staff with experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing fire brigade uniforms and industrial heat protective workwear – some of whom have been working in this sector for decades.

The production of protective clothing and uniforms for fire brigades began in 2012 and was followed in 2014 by the addition of industrial heat protection gear. Selected textiles - some developed exclusively for seamTEX - are now internationally recognised by industry in general.

The wishes and requirements of our customers in terms of equipment and design are extremely important to us. For this reason, our protective clothing range is produced to exactly match customer requirements, in accordance with the latest European standards. It can also be manufactured in smaller volumes with a quicker delivery time.

An additional core business is the development and manufacturer or customised textile items such as filters. Our competence in the development are and our flexibility make us a highly reliable partner.